Professional bodies and membership associations are complex organisations which balance the interests of their members and the professions they represent, with the need to maintain public confidence in those specialist communities. With over 50 years’ combined experience in this sector we really understand the unique dynamics of your organisations, and have developed an integrated approach which can help you fulfil your purpose and achieve your aspirations.


Your governance documents and processes can become energised and enabling vehicles for your organisation. We can help governance add value so it aligns with your values and your strategy, engaging your leaders and volunteers.

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All your members, volunteers and staff can collaborate effectively around common purposes and values. We can help you cultivate a culture that positively influences how knowledge, skills and understanding are shared and put to best use for your organisation.


Professional bodies and membership associations are usually led by both senior volunteers and senior staff. We can help you develop your current and aspiring leaders to make their best contribution to the organisation.

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We can

  • Design organisational systems and structures
  • Conduct governance reviews to refresh or update your governance documents and structures
  • Work with you to define and embed your organisational culture, values and working practices
  • Support the orientation of your paid and voluntary leaders
  • Facilitate away days, strategy reviews, focus groups and team building events, online and in person
  • Provide learning and development frameworks customised to your organisation’s needs
  • Offer leadership development for new and aspiring leaders, and for navigating challenges and change
  • Offer coaching, mentoring and learning sets for volunteers and members to help individuals and teams fulfil their potential

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